Acadian Driftwood

 Acadian Driftwood: The Roots of Acadian and Cajun Music is a primer on two genres, one that has a very distinct sound, a large fan base, and an international reputation, the other inherently disparate in style and virtually unknown in most parts of the world. The book includes up-to-date profiles of nearly 200 artists, with listings of recommended recordings and discographies.






Acadian Driftwood: The Roots of Acadian and Cajun Music



This book provides the history of Acadian and Cajun music from the time of the expulsion era to today. It was written by Paul-Emile Comeau, a direct descendant of the original French settlers and a historian of Acadian and Cajun music.



Paul Emile at the launch of his book during the Congrès mondial acadien 2014, in Grand Falls, New Brunswick.